About N21.net

N21.net is Changing

We are currently changing N21.net to make it easier to use and more Google friendly.

We are developing specific areas as a result to feedback from you so that we can better serve N21.

Keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks as we change the site to get ready for a new age of the internet.

Winchmore Computing Systems is a computer and internet based company and we need to keep N21.net at the forefront of advances to enable your business, organisation or event advertised and more importantly to be able to be found, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Talk to us to become one of the first to take advantage of these developments.

N21.net is an active organisation that promotes the people, businesses, organisations and events of N21 and the surrounding area. Be part of it.


Everything N21 – What’s it all about ?

The background to N21.net

What a brilliant short website name - and we live here too we thought !

We bought www.n21.net way back in 2007 when it was offered to us by the then current owner, with the plan of producing an online community website for the local area.

We had already designed a road specific website concept before this with similar menu items, but decided this was too niche. We launched N21.net on 26th October 2009, after many years of research, investigation and tests. We discussed the concept with many people over the years, all of whom thought it was a great idea.
The concept and content of the site was outlined many years ago and has not really changed from the early days to it's current reality.

After all, there are only so many topics and only so much content that will be of interest to a local group.

We only have one regret so far - and that is that we didn't launch the site 3 years ago !
The only reason the site was delayed was the lack of time in our busy lives.

This is a long term project and we are slowly building the site as a sustainable website by involving the local community and businesses. We believe in Quality rather than Quantity, so whever possible we provide additional material to the subjects and businesses we cover.

What is N21.net?
N21.net is a community based website for the London postal code N21. This covers the Winchmore Hill, Grange Park and Highlands wards of the London Borough of Enfield.

What is a community website?
Essentially it is a website that relies on the contributions of the users to make it interesting and useful.
How do I contribute?
You can add your business, add events, add your club or activity or submit an article or an item of news. You can advertise in the classifieds or discuss local issues in the forum.
Will you be adding to the site?
Absolutely. The site has already taken 100’s of hours to get to this stage, but we will be adding content continuously over the coming weeks, months and years. This is a long term project.
Is the site exclusively about N21?
No! We understand that residents of N21 look beyond the limitations of a postal code and so articles, events and businesses that are not in the N21 area can be included if they may be of interest to N21 residents. It seemed wrong to exclude items that may have come from Palmers Green, Hadley Wood or Enfield for example, if they are relevant or of interest to N21 residents or businesses.
The site will concentrate on the residents and businesses of N21, of course.
I’ve noticed non N21 businesses are listed. Can any business be listed ?
No, if your business is not in N21 it can only be listed if it has been recommended by a N21 resident. Also we won’t list National companies without local representation.
We believe that people will always look locally for a service or product, where they can. Forget national listings, the internet gets to your front door !
We always recommend people that have done a good job for us and ask around when we need something doing. It's never easy picking someone out of the phone book, so we always go with personal recommendation when we can find it. That's why we think the business listing will be so useful. Even if you are a local business you have to be recommended by an N21 resident to have a full listing.
How is the site financed?
To pay for the setup, maintenance and hosting of the site, we are selling n21.net email addresses, selling advertising space to businesses and in the future we will be including links in the articles that provide revenue to the site if you click on them. These links will be clearly identified and there will be no cost to the user when they are clicked.