Local History in N21
Books and references

Books and Historical References to Winchmore Hill, Grange Park and Highlands N21

There have been a number of books written about the history of N21, the most famous being the book by Henrietta Cresswell , who lived in Winchmore Hill in the late 1800's.
The huge industrial change that transformed the area happened after 1871, when the railway came to Winchmore Hill. Before that, N21 was countryside, with hills, brooks, valleys, streams and woodlands.

The book " Memories of a lost village" by H Cresswell is particularly poignant, as the life in Winchmore Hill was truly unspoilt as she grew up as the doctor's daughter in the area in the late 1800's. She later began to see all the countryside being built upon - which must have been heart breaking. It's little wonder she ended her days in Dumfries, which remained relatively unspoilt and probably reminded her of her days in Winchmore Hill.


Here are some of the books and articles written about the local area.. 

 Winchmore Hill People and pictures Stuart Delvin N21_100.gif

 Winchmore Hill People and Pictures (2011)
 Author : Stuart Delvin


 fond memories of winchmore Hill

 Fond memories of Winchmore Hill (1990)
 Author : Alan Dumayne

 ISBN-10 0951228625
 ISBN-13 9780951228623

 Winchmore Hill : Memories of a lost village (1912)
 Author : Henrietta Cresswell

 Southgate Civic Trust edition available
 ISBN-10 0905494024
 memories of winchmore hill

 Memories of Winchmore Hill (1989)
 Author : Horace G Regnart

 A-History-of-Winchmore-Hill-by-Stuart-Delvin.jpg  A History of Winchmore Hill (1988)
 Author : Stuart Delvin


 ISBN-10 0721208002
 ISBN-13 9780721208008
 Southgate-and-Edmonton-past-by-Graham-Dalling.jpg  Southgate and Edmonton past (1996)
 Author : Graham Dalling

 ISBN-10 0948667346
 ISBN-13 978-0948667343
 The-Story-of-Grovelands-by-Matthew-Eccleston.jpg  The Story of Grovelands (1989)
 Author : Matthew Eccleston
 The-Story-of-Southgate-and-Winchmore-Hill-by-Walker-Round.jpg  The Story of Southgate and Winchmore Hill
 (1906, reprinted 1976)
 Author : Walker Round
 Winchmore-Hill-Lives-by-Stuart-Delvin  Winchmore Hill Lives
 (A collection of recollections) (1990)
 Author : Stuart Delvin


 ISBN-10 0721208967
 Enfield-Portrait-of-a-London-Borough-by-Matthew-Eccleston.jpg  Enfield: Portrait of a London Borough (1996)
 Author : Matthew Eccleston

 ISBN-10 095286990X
 ISBN-13 978-0952869900
 The-Cresswells-of-Winchmore-Hill--A-gifted-victorian-family-by-Peter-Hodge.jpg  The Cresswells of Winchmore Hill
 A Gifted Victorian Family (1999)
 Author: Peter Hodge

 ISBN-10 0905494075
 a_look_at_old_winchmore_hill_n21_by_stuart_Delvin.jpg  A look at old Winchmore Hill (2000)
 Author : Stuart Delvin


 ISBN-10 0952255812
 ISBN-13 9780952255819
 Arnos_grove_and-_the_Walker_family_by_ruby_galili.jpg  Arnos Grove and the Walker Family (2008)
 Author : Ruby Galili

 ISBN-13 9780905494098

 Winchmore Hill Village 1780 - 1830 (2009)
 Author : Stuart Delvin


 ISBN-13 9780952255857


Winchmore Hill A Woodland Hamlet (2004)
Author : David Pam

ISBN-10 0902922629
ISBN-13 9780902922624