N21 Festival
Limerick competition

The N21 Festival Limerick competition winners

Congratulations to the two joint winners in the adult category :

Julian Sampson :
If you seek after cultural refinement
Or a place of salubrious retirement
Be it schools of repute
Or for spending your loot
Winchmore Hill surely fits the requirement!
Christine Padwick :
In June if you're seeking a thrill
See the Festival.  Where?  Winchmore Hill.
There's historical talks
And a few guided walks.
Will you be going?  I will.

And congratulations to the winners in the child category :

Robert and Ricky Wilks – aged 7 and 11 :

I like to chill
When I’m on the hill
With my family and friends too.
But I’m only 7 and my brother’s 11
And we both need to go to the loo!

Sophia Theodorou – age 7 :
Come to N21 and have some fun.
There’s lots of music, food and sun.
Kids drawings, painting and lots to see
Winchmore Hill is the place to be.
So come join our party everyone.

You can download a pdf of all the N21 Festival Limerick entries here 

Marlene McAndrew judged the Limerick competition, and she tells us how it happened...

When I suggested, in an off-guard moment, that we might have a limerick competition, little thought I that I would be organising it and judging it !

It started slowly, then the entries flooded in and I was astonished and delighted at the response - 84 limericks from 21 people, in the adult section. 

Judging was very difficult.

The criteria I applied were as follows:

Adherence to the subject, to the form and to the rhyming scheme, and a terrrific wow! in line five.  

I was hoping to receive an entry that made me laugh out loud when I reached the last line.  Alas, this didn't happen.  So I applied a process of elimination. 

Some entries ignored the subject altogether; others mentioned it once but the limerick didn't concern the district or the festival.   Some people ignored the limerick form altogether and others were a bit wild and woolly with their rhymes.!  

That left a number of very nice efforts of equal quality, making a choice very difficult.  

In the end the only criterion I could apply was:  which did I like the best?   

I decided on these two because (a) they were very different, one dealing with Winchmore Hill, and the other with the Festival.   (b) they stuck to the form.   (c) Julian avoided altogether the obvious rhymes, and his use of assonance worked;  (d) Christine's addressed the reader as if he or she were present. 

I would like to thank everyone who sent in an entry or twelve;  it was great fun!

Marlene McAndrew

Before the competition

There wossity wissety woo
Who boppidy bippeddy boo.
When slippery slop
He went  gippety gop
And  mungled the moggity moo..

For the unititiated, this is a template or skeleton limerick.  Can you compose one which relates to the local area - especially N21 ?

Just five lines – the English haiku, in fact, only funnier and with rhymes .
Use the train or bus journey to work, that wait in a cafe, or any odd moment at home when bored with the TV. 

Go on, have a go. And not too filthy, please. It’s a family audience out there.

WARNING:  Limerick writing can become obsessive.


Why a limerick competition?

Well, why not ? But mainly because it's frivolous and fun !

What is a limerick ?

NB this is NOT a competition just for the people of Limerick.

You can get very technical about this, so we are trying not to do so. If you would like some help in getting started or some guidance on the structure have a look at the Wikipedia entries here

Limerick structure and tips on getting started

Link to another example

A fellow in N twenty one
Had a wheeze which he thought might be fun.
One night on the Green
He did something obscene
While disguised as a Carmelite nun

What are the rules ?

The competition will end on 15th June 2012, and there must be some local relevance. We will be making up the rest of the rules as we go along, in the true spirit of frivolity.

How do I enter ?

Send your limerick entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your name and contact details or hand in your Limericks to Mark in The Larder, Winchmore Hill Green.

Who will be the judge ?

Marlene McAndrew

What are the prizes ?

The children's winner will receive a huge pot of sweets and the adult winner will receive 6 bottles of wine, both kindly donated by The Larder, Winchmore Hill Green. If you win, you will need to collect your prize from The Larder.