N21 Festival

The N21 Festival will take place between Saturday 16th and Saturday 23rd June 2012, culminating in a huge celebration on The Green in Winchmore Hill.

There will be a whole week of events to celebrate the centenary of the Henrietta Cresswell book, Winchmore Hill: Memories of a lost village, bringing together the community of N21. As well as celebrating the book, the Festival will be a chance for the people of N21 to come together to break down the barriers that often exist in an urban environment.



Originally, the Festival was going to be a single day celebration on The Green, but it soon became obvious that the support for The Festival was huge.

It then seemed sensible for things like the photographic, historical and art exhibitions to run for longer than a day, as so much organisation is needed to set them up.  

Ideas came thick and fast for events that could not necessarily be accommodated at a fair, but could use the marketing and publicity that was possible with a Festival programme like this. So that is how we have ended up with a week of events that will appeal to people and children of all ages.

The aim of the Festival is to encourage local people to interact, to bring together organisations, businesses and schools that may not have otherwise met, in a common purpose to improve the well-being of the people in the area. We are asking all organistaions in the area to become involved, in a way that will help them.

We decided to make The N21 Festival non-profit for the organisers

Everyone involved in The N21 Festival are volunteers and the whole event is non-profit. Having said that, we do hope that the people and businesses of N21 will all profit from the experience. That is certainly the case so far, as people have met individuals that have been close neighbours for years, but have never spoken until The N21 Festival came along.

What will happen in The N21 Festival week ?

The current plan is to have a grand opening of The N21 Festival on The Green in Winchmore Hill on Saturday 16th June 2012 , with a number of events already planned to start that day. There will be a programme of events published for the week, before the Festival starts, so that people can plan the items they want to attend. We will also be trying to avoid situations where events clash. There will be a mixture of day, evening and night events depending on the likely audiences for the items.

Some people we know have already booked the week off work so that they can enjoy as many of the events as possible !

At the end of the week, on Saturday 23rd June 2012 we are planning a huge celebration, which we are calling "The Fancy Fair".

The "Fancy Fair" name comes from Henrietta Cresswell's book. She describes a Fancy Fair that was remembered in the village for three times seven years after the event, organised to raise money for St Pauls School. The N21 Festival team decided that this was a good name as we wanted to make the Saturday on The Green equally as memorable. The roads on The Green will be closed and there will be a huge celebration involving the whole community.

How do I keep up-to date with what is happening ?

The best way is to subscribe to our mailing list here.

As the the time draws nearer to the festival , the events and activities will be publicised on the N21.net Festival pages and in our local usual poster locations. We will also be using local print advertising in The N21 Directory Magazine and local newspapers.