The 2012 Art and Design Exhibition

Next year we want the Exhibition to be even bigger and better..

We will be doing another Exhibition in 2012 and would like to have a section of the Exhibition to tie in with The N21 Festival. As the N21 Festival is to celebrate the centenary of the Henrietta Cresswell book, Winchmore Hill : Memories of a Lost Village, we would like a section of the Exhibition to be taken up with items inspired by the local environment and people, it's history, Henrietta Cresswell's book or the future of the area. To be honest, if you read the book you will appreciate there is scope to paint or make almost anything - and by the area we are including a much wider circle than Winchmore Hill - so be creative and produce something memorable !

We would like all interested artists to register so that we can keep you up to date with developments. It's not too early to register for next year ! Click here.

How to take a digital image of your Artwork

Keep a simple digital record of your Art portfolio

As an Artist in this modern era it is important not only to keep a record of your original art work but also to keep the image for possible future use. You will always own the copyright of any art that you create, even if you sell the original, (unless you sign a document to the contrary) so it's a good idea to make good digital copies of your Art before you try to sell them. The easiest way is to use your digital camera.

Thank-you to all the Exhibitors

There was a wealth of talent at The Kings Head over the weekend

A very big thank-you to all the exhibitors at the Art and Design Exhibition held at the Kings Head on 1st - 2nd May 2011. A big thanks too to the Kings Head staff that helped to make this event so enjoyable. We really appreciate all the hard work and talent that was on show at the exhibition. Remember, if you didn't sell as many items as you would have liked to, it doesn't mean that people did not appreciate your unique talents.