How to take a digital image of your Artwork

Keep a simple digital record of your Art portfolio

As an Artist in this modern era it is important not only to keep a record of your original art work but also to keep the image for possible future use. You will always own the copyright of any art that you create, even if you sell the original, (unless you sign a document to the contrary) so it's a good idea to make good digital copies of your Art before you try to sell them. The easiest way is to use your digital camera.

Do's and Don'ts

Do try to use a flatbed scanner to scan your artwork at the highest resolution you can (it will keep the perspectives better)
Do change your digital camera resolution to the highest setting
Do Keep the camera in the centre of the image and as square to the image as possible
Do digitise your Art before it is framed, especially if you are using glass
Do seek professional help if you are unsure about resolutions, file formats etc

Don't use a cheap camera or scanner if you are definitely going to produce prints from the original
Don't skimp if your Art is very saleable or expensive - employ a professional
Don't part with your original art until you have printed a good quality print from the file and you know it's OK
Don't sign off your copyright !

If you are a beginner or keen amateur and just want a record of your Art, good home scanners and cameras are a good way of recording your art for an online library or website.