N21 Festival : The Summer Exhibition 2014
Screen Details for exhibitors

The N21 Festival Summer Exhibition is using mesh screens on The Green. The Screens are 187 cm wide by 126 cm high and are covered in a wire mesh to allow hanging in multiple positions.


The screens are joined to each other for stability and ease of construction. The works should ideally have a wooden frame of some sort to allow an 18mm long cup hook to be screwed into each side. This allows the work to be mounted in a convenient position and for the work to be moved around easily until the best layout is found.



The 18mm cup screws used to mount wooden framed works.

The hooks are inexpensive and can be obtained from hardware stores or online.

We do have a limited stock of hooks which will be available from the organisers. If you require a pack, please get in touch.

Should you wish to use a different method, that's fine. You just need to make sure the works are securely and safely mounted on the mesh.