The Compton Players next production

The next production will be ...

 The Actress by Peter Quilter on 16, 17 and 18th of March 2017


Lydia Martin – The Actress     Andrea Latter
 Katherine – her Dresser   Melissa Beacham 
 Charles – her elderly Fiance    Brian Waters
 Harriet – her Agent    Tina Macer
 Nicole – her Daughter    Cary Labdon
 Paul – Nicole’s Father    Steve Taylor
 Margaret – the Company Manager    Dawn Foyle
 Director   Julie Rayson 

The last show is always a very strange affair. It’s like a party, a great buzz of excitement. But then each actor will leave, with laughter still ringing in the air and a cheery wave. Then it stops. And as you watch each of them walk down the street, they look terribly lonely. That’s the thing about it, you see. After all the applause and elation, we walk home alone. And that’s who actors are – the happiest, saddest people you’ll ever meet’ The Actress dramatizes the events backstage as a colourful, complicated actress makes her emotional farewell performance. Various people from her life invade her dressing room to say their goodbyes, declare their love, roar with laughter, spit insults, grab a final embrace and renew old battles.

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