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The Grovelands Park Enfield Council Management Plan

This one hundred and four page tome, details the plans for Grovelands Park, N21 up to 2016. It is produced by Enfield Council, it's purpose being " to provide a guide to the principles of conservation, repair, enhancement, adaptation, and the use of Grovelands Park, that safeguard the significance of the site and ensures a sustainable future for it."

The Management Plan is designed to:

  • Retain and protect the historic fabric and character of Grovelands Park and its role as a wildlife habitat and public amenity
  • Provide a sound basis for the ongoing repair and maintenance of the landscape
  • Establish guidelines for the use of the landscape
  • Ensure continuation of the harmony between the needs of conservation and use of the park by the public
  • Examine the various management issues that arise from the present use of the park and to establish a series of action plans that seek to ensure that the significance of the park can continue to be preserved and enhanced as a heritage, wildlife, and public asset.

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