N21 Festival : The Summer Exhibition 2013

Just some of the many exhibitors at The Summer Exhibition 2013 ...

Samantha Anne Hutchinson
I am an Enfield based Artist working mostly in Oil Paints.

I tutor Art in the community.

Some of my work was published in a book about contemporary artist in New York.

I have exhibited Art prolifically and have work in private collections.

I will consider commissions.

Currently I am working on a series of paintings featuring London scenes as well as a series of work called Autism, Art and Me, a journey through my work about our lives with Autism.

Website: www.samantha.webeden.co.uk
Facebook: My Facebook Page



Steve Harrison
My name is Steve Harrison, and I am the president of The Southgate Photographic Society.

I am pleased to introduce the Southgate Photographic Society screens containing members work at The Summer Exhibition.

Our members have a wide range of photographic styles and interests but all strive to produce high quality images.
Whether its Annies love of wildlife near and far, Darrens interest in the creating challenging images with an edgy tone,  Damians artistic captures of the underground and his daily commute, my own interpretation of well known buildings or any one of our other members images we hope that we have something that will make you stop, think and want to find out more. 
The Society will be showing a wide range of prints that we hope you will enjoy viewing, discussing and buying.

If you are a keen local photographer and looking to share, develop and enjoy your photography with a bunch of like-minded people do say hello and find out more about being a member of your local camera club

In the meantime do have a look at our website for more about who we are, when we meet and, of course, to see more of our work.

Website: http://www.southgatephoto.org.uk





I am David Nunn, a local, Enfield based artist.

I studied at Hornsey College of Art where, as a tutor once noted, I 'made pictures.'

Much of my interest and work is based around face and form and consequently I specialize in affordable, quality portraits of people and pets.

I have travelled and while arguably clich├ęd, have found inspiration in what I have seen and people I have met. To an extent I try to document this in my artwork.'

Facebook: My Facebook Page
Website: Spraunceyshirtarte.wordpress.com
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I am a landscape painter and I also paint animals, flowers and fantasy pictures.

I have always painted, mainly in watercolours, since I can remember.

It's my main hobby in life.

At the moment I like to push my boundaries a bit, and want to try new things so I have started to paint in acrylics.

You can see my recent paintings at the Summer exhibition.

I am passionate about colours, I like to catch the essence and feel of the subject.

I love to create and want to give a part of my excitement about life to people though my paintings.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



I am a botanical artist creating mainly watercolours in Enfield Lock, North London.

Living with a chronic heart and lung condition I was forced to give up the job I loved – nursing sick children.

I was determined to do something with my life… After such a demanding job I found I had spare time I didn’t know I had to pursue my love of creation within the natural world.

My inspiration coming from nature led me to study botanical art with the society of Botanical Artists.

I graduated last year with credit.

Not only has my botanical art helped me develop a more positive outlook to life, I have found a talent I didn’t know I had and has opened a new chapter in my life.

I aspire to share my work with others through exhibitions and hope to visually inspire my viewers too!

I have recently held botanical art classes at Forty Hall in Enfield.

I have also exhibited my artworks in several exhibitions and In April 2013 I was ranked highly commended for the Joyce Cuming presentation award at the Society Of Botanical Artists annual exhibition.

Blog:  http://whelan37.blogspot.co.uk/
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

n21_festival_summer_exhibition_2013_julie_whelan_1.jpg n21_festival_summer_exhibition_2013_julie_whelan_2.jpg
I am a retired London based graphic artist now painting in water colours and am influenced by Mondrian, Nicholson and Passmore.

A mixture of loose figurative and strict colourful abstract, using the restrictions of my working career.



I am  a Professional Stained Glass Artist, I live in a pink house in Southgate and my name is Cheryl Powling.

After almost twenty years of working and playing with the techniques of Stained Glass, and from the knowledge I gleaned from my Tuesday night evening classes all those years ago, I have become a proficient and accomplished Leaded Light Maker, and my customers over the years have commissioned me to create both Traditional & Contemporary panels.

I have also developed and helped them with personal Ideas that they have desired for their homes.

I have good design skills and technical ability to be able to fulfil your expectations and enhance your windows and doors with true likenesses to suit the age of your property, or to 'do something different' to suit your tastes.

I can be found at the bottom of my garden where I work in my studio, to the sound of thirty chickens and in the company of my three dogs.

I also make decorative panels, for special and unique gifts, all ready chained to hang in your windows or on your walls, I have some ready made, which you are welcome to view anytime.

Throughout the year I also run very small and informal classes, for absolute beginners to learn how, to cut, assemble and produce stained glass panels, they can be on weekends or during the weekdays, please contact me if you are interested, and I can give you more information.

Mobile: 07810150040

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Having originally studied literature at King’s College, London and St Cross College Oxford University, and focusing my creative energies on writing fiction, I turned towards painting abstract art in 2006. 

I am self taught and continuously developing as an artist.

I feel very passionate about and dedicated to the process of painting. 

Most of my work is in oil on medium to large canvases. I am curious by nature, always ready to further explore new ideas and impressions. 

Much of my earlier range of work is concerned with memories and dreams peeling away at them layer by layer. In the last year I started to work more on abstract representations of landscapes finding inspiration in the beauty of the outside world.  While many of my paintings reflect my passion for a vibrant mix of colour my palette has become more muted recently, playing with a subtler shade of colour.

I aim to give my paintings as much of a texture and 'feel' as possible.

My work has been sold nationally in the UK as well as in Europe.

You can see my work here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/angelaabstract
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 07506771489



I am a painter and printmaker based in Ealing.

I particularly love cats and often use them in my work.

Needless to say, I am always happy to receive commissions for pet portraits - so do contact me if you would like a picture of your favourite moggie/dog/rabbit etc!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
07790 995040



I have been drawing, painting and writing as far back as I can remember.

I was lucky as a teenager to have the opportunity of working as a studio assistant for several years to an internationally known painter Greg Theodore. I worked in Greek Orthodox churches producing Icons in the form of murals and wooden panels. I also assisted in any commissions, including portraits, copies of well known paintings, three dimensional work and anything else coming our way.

I did two years at Byamm Shaw School of Art Kensington after this.

I have worked professionally and semi professionally ever since. 

My constant source of inspiration and motivation is looking at the  great works of  the masters and in observing nature all around and responding to it.

I avoid the  narrow field of specialisation and am happy doing portraits in pencils or oils, copies of people's favourite paintings various other commissions from Byzantine styled Icons and still life down to my own original humorous comic strips.

I am currently running an evening life drawing class with a friend at Salisbury house every Tuesday at 8.00 pm-10.00pm. Drawing directly from the human form being, in my opinion the central foundation of maintaining and improving one's skills .

Mobile: 07754095013
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blog sites that show examples of my work: 
http://meanddeo.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=561c8bbdff1560d3      http://theincompleteworksofpellas.blogspot.co.uk/



AJ Tracy
I am AJ Tracy, I have been making pieces of art, since the age of three,

I enjoy making my art, out of things I use and find, anything from tea tags, sugar wrapper's to cigarette box's. I make pieces of art, out of these found objects, I love creating my work and I work all over London. My art work takes me on a journey, as it evolves, and changes & develops.

My subject, can change, quite radically, from an image, to a sculpture. I like to make both.

My work, has been exhibited in various places in London, from Vyner Street, to Bank, to Ealing and now Winchmore Hill.

My work, has also been in Raw Vision.

Enjoy my art,

AJ Tracy

Twitter: @AyJayTrashy
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 07841 297 288 



Aristos Aresti
I grew up in Northampton and graduated in Fine Art in 1977 from Kingston Polytechnic.

In 1978 I completed my PGCE and in the same year taught art at Beaumont Leys High School in Leicester.

In 1982 I was appointed Head of Art at the American Academy in Nicosia in Cyprus.

It was while I was in Cyprus that I was fortunate enough to undertake a number of portrait commissions in oils.

I moved to Australia in 1990 where I voluntarily taught painting to mouth and foot painters at the St. Albans Paraplegic Centre in Melbourne.

The people, culture and architecture of the countries I have lived in have always influenced me.

Living in Cyprus enabled me to understand fully my ethnic routes and come to appreciate the human subject and while in Australia I discovered other qualities that colour offered.

My interest is mainly in the human form and buildings and therefore in my work I try to achieve a balance between grace and simplicity. I work mainly in oils, as well as acrylics, pastels, charcoal and chalk.

In 1992 I exhibited in the Neophytes Art Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. However, it has only been in the last 5 years that I have seriously returned to my art.

In 2011 I exhibited in the ‘Open – Open’ Exhibition, organized by the Camden Arts Council.

In 2012 I exhibited at the launch of The rt Gallery, Open Studio in Newark. In the same year I became a member of the United Society of Artists and exhibited in the ‘Autumn Exhibition’ in Carshalton.

Since 2012 I and Jimmy Pellas have run the life class at Salisbury House in Edmonton.

My work can be seen on Facebook: ‘Some of my art work’ – ART my Passion!

Mobile: 07790 958 753
Home: 020 8445 6782
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Brian Foyle
I am a retired architect and now assist the Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association in monitoring planning applications in our area.

My hobbies are post-vintage thoroughbred cars and photography.

I am a member of the Enfield Camera Club and have been taking photographs since the age of 8.

My main love was monochrome, developing, enlarging and printing subjects seen from a different perspective, for which I received many awards. 

I have now succumbed to digital work but believe my trained eye can still see the best angle.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Kay Lily
I am Kay Lily, a local artist specialising in still life and portrait painting.

I have worked with watercolour, acrylics, pastels, charcoal and coloured pencil.

Today my preferred medium is oil paint on canvas.

I love the vibrancy of the colours, the rich consistency of the paint and the texture of the canvas.

I enjoy painting the beauty of the forms and colours of fruits and various objects in my home such as decorative eggs, ceramic jugs and pots, bottles and glasses.

When painting a portrait I try to capture the personality of the person whose portrait I am painting as well as the appearance. Sometimes I personalise the portrait by including a few of the sitters favourite things.

I have always painted from life, with the sitter in front of me and now, with the benefit of digital photography, I work from both photos and real life.

My paintings hang on the walls of many homes in the UK and also in Italy.

I welcome your commissions for either a portrait or still life, where I could make a painting of your own favourite things.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Roger Blows
I am more of a "Tuesday" painter so to say than a "Sunday" painter - less diligent and productive.

Over the years I have done various courses at the City Lit and elsewhere but I wonder whether they have had more or less influence on me than the newspaper cartoon strips by Maddocks I used to copy when I was a schoolboy.

Mostly I now work in oils (watercolour proving to be much too difficult).

If there's any consistency in the things I produce its a view of a "real" place with imaginary figures or animals inserted as needed.

I have done one or two portraits which the subjects admit are recognisable (I dare say most people think a likeness is a helpful component).

Commissions welcome!

In the past couple of years I have been doing some sculpture (clay modelling etc) but the output is a closely guarded secret.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Susan Dickinson
I am a local artist who loves to draw and paint portraits of animals.

I like to put some humour into the pictures I paint and to give each one a name!!

If you would like a portrait of your pet I would be happy to do so at a reasonable rate.


My name is Susan Dickinson and you can contact me on

Mobile: 07789244983



Helen Ryan
My work is an expressive and emotional response to everything I see, feel and experience. 

Land, sea and cityscapes are my favourite subjects. 

I sometimes paint in abstract for the sheer joy of manoeuvring the paint and following my impulses. 

I have used all mediums but am currently working with quick drying acrylic paint. 

I sometimes use collage, often incorporating fabrics from my old clothes. 

My recent work is painting the scenery of Ireland and the City of London.

I try to capture in my landscapes a sense of atmospheric space. In the city paintings I want to reflect the rhythm and drama of the buildings and activity. 

My artist practice is to draw daily and allow images to incubate over time, before they develop into a finished piece.

My life has taken me from Ireland to Australia and now to London.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Debbie Jaye
I am artistic and innovative.  Creativity is my real passion, hence my desire in being a photographer.

I specialise, in the main, in landscape and seascape photography, including and covering different styles and perspectives of rivers, streams and flower based images, interacting with abstract designs to create a variety of photos.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 07956 508573



Gillian Western
I am Gillian Western, and have lived in this area since 1952. 

I have had a lifelong interest in art, and took this subject to A Level at school.

However, it is only during the past 8 years, after following various careers embracing languages, tourism, banking and accountancy and involving myself in charity work covering culture, food, health and the environment, that I have been able to devote myself to capturing in watercolour some of the spectacular sights that I have seen during my recent travels in this country and around the world.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Peter Simpkin
I'm Peter Simpkin, I live in Winchmore Hill.

I've spent my life photographing Actors, but when I'm traveling I take photos for fun.

The fun ones I'm showing at the Summer exhibition.
Mobile: 07973 224 084



Madelaine Devenay
I am Madelaine, and I thoroughly enjoy painting and drawing landscapes, local scenes, seascapes, flowers, animals but especially wildlife in oil, watercolour, and using water soluble pencils.

I received a prize in the `Paint your pet competition` run by the Daily Mail but most recently won a prize at the Grovelands Centenary ` Art Competition`.

Commissions are welcome.

Prices start from £25-00.

Mobile: 07944 605925
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cyril Jones
I first started painting in water colour when I retired as a House Master and Handicraft (Design & Technology) Teacher at Winchmore Secondary School.

Later I added acrylic and oils with a view to exhibiting my work when I joined Enfield Art Circle several years ago.

Besides exhibiting in their Annual Event, I have had several  Individual Exhibitions at Forty Hall, Millfield House and the local Library.
My paintings for The Summer Exhibition on the Winchmore Hill Green will also include Pen & Ink views of the Lake District.



Martin Payne
I am a freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator with a bit more time to dabble being a "REAL ARTIST"!

I have a mixed bag of styles which range through Still Life, Landscapes, Portraits, Abstracts and Montage in mixed mediums but mainly Watercolours and Pastels/Coloured Pencils.

I have been a member of Enfield Art Groups and exhibited regularly at local and more further a field exhibitions over the past 15 years and take on various commissions throughout the year from my studio at home.

Home: 020 8367 6986
Mobile: 07979 107610
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jean Nelson
I am a self-taught maker of gemstone and wirework Jewellery

Each jewellery piece that I craft can be considered unique, as you will find that the gemstone beads used in my work are unique in formation and texture “as ordained by mother nature”.

A website is currently in development however for bespoke commissions I can be contacted at the email address below.

Photo Gallery Link:  http://sdrv.ms/PF3OT7
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Grzegorz Wasiuk
I am based in Enfield, London and have been working on the art scene since graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland.

I gained a Masters in glass and ceramic design, but always felt that drawing was my medium. I just fell in love with it.

Large scale figurative pieces was the centre of my interest and source of self-exploration.

I also  work with print and mixed media.

As a qualified teacher I have been sharing my passion of art with students at Kensington and Chelsea College across different levels.

My inspirations are drawn from every day life...charity shops mainly...treasure hunting...

During The Summer Exhibition 2013 I am going to present some of my prints and drawings...and hope to make friends with local artists and get to know their artistry.

Website: www.grzegorzwasiuk.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Debbie King 
I am an artist working in the Winchmore Hill area. 

I have always had a fascination with transparent, jewel-like colours and take my inspiration mainly from the natural world, using acrylics as well as leaf metals to try to breathe new life and light into the objects I find.

I believe that my interest in light and translucent colours comes from my time spent at University where I took a degree focussed on Art for public places, my particular specialism being stained glass.



I trained as a primary teacher with ceramic arts as my subsidiary subject.

Since retiring, I have taken up ceramics full time working from my garden studio.

I make decorative hand built ceramic pots, bowls, sculptures and wall hangings using variations of the ancient Japanese Raku process. 

I fire outdoors using different firing processes to achieve very different outcomes. 

Each pot is unique with its decoration determined by the interplay of fire and smoke on its surface. 

These surfaces range from iridescent and metallic colours if glazes are used or monochrome where the design is literally painted with smoke. 

I also pit-fire work where the pots are covered with wood and sawdust and a generous sprinkling of salts and oxides, then set on fire and left to smoulder overnight creating beautiful and randomly covered surfaces resembling images of glowing planets.

My inspiration is drawn from Ancient Greek pottery and the natural world, often combining both.


Website: www.marymarmery-ceramics.com
Facebook: My Facebook Page