N21 Festival : The Summer Exhibition 2013
The Green, Winchmore Hill, Saturday 17th August 2013 10.00 - 6.00pm

An outdoor Art event on The Green - what were we thinking ? Well it does get to that stage on occasions, but we have to say that despite the blustery, absolutely freezing and rainy conditions there is no question that the event was a huge success !!

See the slideshow of the day here

We didn't expect so many artists would come to an untried event in the middle of August , when half the world seemed to be away, but they did and what talented people they were !

We estimate that approximately £5,000 of works were sold on the day and although not everyone sold work, the comments, atmosphere and visitors were overwhelmingly positive.

Naturally, with an open Exhibition, there was a huge range of different types and standards of artworks and crafts, but we have to say that overall the standard was excellent and that proved itself in the work sold. With all such events its not just the purchases on the day that count, as having seen the work, it may be that a visitor comes back for a commission or referral in the future. In fact we know this happens as we did it ourselves !

We'd like to thank the musical artists that provided entertainment during the Exhibition - That Blue Patch, George Papakyriacou, Stella and The Stars,

We'd also like to thank the 54 Artists and Crafts people that exhibited and for the hundreds of people that braved the somewhat inclement weather to come and see just what we'd managed to put on, on a shoe-string budget.

We were cursing the weather on the day, but when on the following Saturday it poured down torrentially all day, well, we thought we hadn't done too badly - The English Summer - what can you do ?

Before the event ... 


For one day only The N21 Festival are presenting THE SUMMER EXHIBITION which will be held on Winchmore Hill Green and in The Kings Head on the Saturday 17th of August. From 10.00am to 6.00pm.

There are currently nearly 60 exhibitors in all so it will be a diverse and interesting event with a wide range of differing styles, mediums and subjects. In the crafts area in The Kings Head there will be jewellery, knitted items, ceramics, tutus and fascinators to name but a few ! On The Green itself will be photographer's, graphic designers and artists.

Images from the 2011 N21.net Art and Design exhibition

This will be one of the biggest exhibitions of work in the London Borough of Enfield by some of the areas most interesting artists, photographers, sculptors and designers.

If you would like to see examples of the works, please click here.

The exhibition and sale of craft objects by local exhibitors will take place in the Long Room in The Kings Head and there may be demonstrations of their craft.

There will also be a bar on The Green and a seating area with live music so that you can enjoy the Art in Situ !

Come along and make a day of it - there are special menus for The Summer Exhibition in The Kings Head and Samdan restaurant, CoffeeSense is all geared up to serve delicious breakfasts and Barker and May are putting on their own exhibition in their eclectic shop in Wilson Street, just off The Green - well worth a look.