The Winchmore String Orchestra
Profile of the leader

Chris Gundry


Chris Gundry was raised in Hackney—on the same estate as Alan Sugar, who went on to chair Tottenham Hotspurs while Chris made the wise choice of supporting The Gunners!

He started learning the violin at Northwold School at the age of nine.

His classmates at secondary school (Owens Islington) formed Spandau Ballet - unfortunately, they didn’t need a violinist, hence Chris ended up earning his living working in the Housing field!

Aged seventeen, he attended the ILEA (that shows his age!) Centre for Young Musicians on Saturdays, joining the London Schools Symphony Orchestra on a tour of Scandinavia in 1978.

Chris occasionally has violin lessons with Gerhardt Schmidt at the Guildhall School.

In addition to playing in a variety of orchestras and groups around North London, Chris has been leader of the WSO since his good friends Stan and Bertha Lishak founded it in 1991