Grovelands 100 - The Centenary of Grovelands Park 2013
The Woodman Stage

The Woodman Pub are sponsoring our second stage which will feature a variety of acoustic, jazz, classical and ethnic music where possible encouraging new and local performers.

Saturday 18th May 2013

11:30 Personal Trainer Demo

I believe that the mind and the body are intrinsically linked and that it’s not possible to train one without the other effectively and as such my programs are uniquely designed to ensure that we you are mentally ‘’focused on the thoughts that generate emotions and feelings that are so strong that they drive you to take the physical action that is required to achieve the goals that you are looking to achieve.’’

By Tony Sesto. Contact M: 07711799903 E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11:45 The Vintage Blues Band


Often dubbed North London's most entertaining Blues Band, The Vintage have been entertaining crowds both locally and across the country for over 12 years.

They are behind the North London Blues revival and have been running local Blues Club, St Harmonica's, for the last 3 years after a 6 year residency at the Waiting Rooms.

Unusually for many Blues Bands the Vintage have always been proud to do it with women and boast two fabulous vocalists in Chrissie Thomas and Julia Gannon.

A seven piece band of accomplished musicians, expect a lively set to kick off proceedings with a version of their festival speciality.

Don't know what it is? Come and find out !

12:25 Hot Under the Collar  
13:00 Kung Fu demo with kids

By Mike Heanue. Contact M : 07904153615 or E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13:30 Freya Ridings  
14:05 Penguin Island

Three members plus occasional friends, Jim Drury (Guitar, Bouzouki, Harmonica), John Dodd (Fiddle) and Roddy Rogers (Guitar, Fiddle).
The band have played together for about a year or so and do Irish, Celtic, Country, Folky Rocky type music. 


14:40 S.O.U.P

S.O.U.P. are a community based Ukulele Club in North London.


They meet every two weeks in a lovely old Drill Hall in Enfield and play everything from Gus Kahn to The Kinks.

They have a group of about 30 members, of all ages and abilities, anyone is welcome.

Do not ask us what SOUP stands for or they may have to kill you!

15:10 Graham Hine

Virtuoso Blues Guitarist has a long association with Winchmore Hill and with Festival Director Mick McDonagh. Back in 1967 Mick a Student at Middlesex Poly (Now University) booked the bands for the students union.

At Studio 51 in Soho he found the astonishing Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts and booked them immediately forming a 40 year friendship.

Graham Hine was the guitarist.

Mick helped produce their first album and they went on to tour with Eric Clapton before having a number 2 hit with ‘Seaside Shuffle in 1972, which they recorded as Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs.

The Keyboard player was Jona Lewie who made Palmers Green famous with ‘You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties’, recently revived in the IKEA commercial. Jona also had a big hit with ‘Stop The Cavalry’ Jona was replaced in the Brets by Palmers Green art teacher Taffy Davis, who sadly died in 2010.

Until recently Bret Marvin continued with most of the original line up making popular appearances at St Monicas Blues Club and they were scheduled to play this Celebration to be joined again by Jona Lewie but the ravages of age and time have taken their toll.

Graham Hine still standing tall and his brother will carry the torch playing the Assetgrove Main Stage on Sunday, whilst Graham will play a solo set on the Woodman Pub Stage on Saturday.

Don’t miss this remarkable musician.


15:40 Wolfe Hogan  
16:10 Vic Newman

Vic Newman has been a stalwart of the acoustic folk scene in North London for many, many years. A talented singer and guitarist Vic also organises and hosts the EMC2 Acoustic Club which meets every month giving opportunities for local talent to perform and showcase their material.

With a selection of axes to choose from it will be interesting to see what Vic selects for Saturday's performance.

One thing is for sure, you'd be mad to miss it.

16:45 The Rhythm River Trio

The Royalty Ballroom which is being remembered in the park as part of the Celebrations was the home of Rockabilly so it is fitting that top London Rockabilly outfit The Rhythm River Trio will make two appearances over the weekend.

They perform on Saturday on the Woodman Pub Stage and on Sunday on the Assetgrove Main Stage.

Formed in London they play early country and rockabilly music, everything from Webb Pierce 'There Stands The Glass", a country ballad to Gene Simmons 'I Done Told You' , a wild Rockabilly song.

Their first gig was at the world famous Biker Cafe in London, The Ace Cafe.

Their shows will be a riot for young and old.





17:30 Lester Clayton Band

The Lester Clayton Band were the Ed Sheeran support act on his 2011 and 2012 tours. 
The Breadline EP available now on iTunes


18:15 Professor Redhair Band

The clue is in the name.

For those familiar with the piano playing of New Orleans maestro Professor Longhair you will understand what to expect.

Piano driven Blues and Boogie Woogie from an exceptional player and band.

Jake Thomas provides the necessary piano virtuosity as well as vocals against the New Orleans rhythms provided  by a tight line up that includes, from 80's double platinum band 'Sleeper', Andy Fleming on drums, Dave Thomas on bass and, from The Blues Chapter, the incomparable Jesse Thomas on lead guitar. Chrissie Thomas adds powerful lead vocals and Jerry Palmer brings his sax appeal to the line up.



19:00 Centenery First Day ends. The park closes.  


Sunday 19th May 2013

12:00 Stephen O'Brien Band  
12:45 Phil Crocker

Phil has been involved in the arts scene in N21 from a young age, starting with Gang shows with 3rd Southgate Scouts and developing the passion into performing with local theatre group Enfield Light Operatic & Dramatic Society (ELODS).

Since graduating from the University of Surrey, he has been developing his song writing skills and has performed in some well known London venues such as The Regal Rooms and The Bedford.

He may also be known to some as the guy who dragged a piano up to Winchmore Hill Green to perform at the N21 Festival


13:15 Jo Jingles  
13:30 Tig Trafford

Tig Trafford has played folk and acoustic guitar since making his own guitar at the age of eleven. He played the college, university circuit in the early seventies and then formed Snacks at the Bar in 1973. They became a popular pub act between then and 1984 when his co-singer song writer partner Colin Carter left to live and work in Tenerife.

Together with Sunil, as a duo, they have been collaborating and playing for over ten years.

They deliver a combination of folk, country, blues and pop, bothself-written and covers using acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo and vocal harmonies.

Tig has just recently handed over £2,500 to Great Ormond Street Hospital for gene research into the cause of Ohtahara Syndrome, monies raised through the sale of his home recorded fifteen track CD 'Early Influences'.

14:00 The Turkeys  
14:35 Dave and Emily  
15:00 Dave and Steve Blues

Steve Ingrey and 'Harmonica' Dave Barton have been collaborating for a number of years.

Regulars on the festival circuit and in pubs and clubs of Hertfordshire and North London they perform Blues and Country classics with heart, soul and feeling.

Chill out and relax watching these two perform their stuff.

15:30 Miah  
16:00 Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes, known in Blues circles as 'Mad Dog' is often referred to as The Godfather of North London Blues. Playing for over 45 years, much of this professionally, Dave has one of the finest Blues voices you will hear....anywhere!

His searing slide guitar and expressive harmonica playing provide the perfect accompaniment to that great voice. As well as his acclaimed solo performances Dave is Slide Guitarist and vocalist for Doc K's Blues Band, legends of the circuit for over 40 years. and has his own band of fellow mangy musicians, The Low Down Dogs.

A regular at St Harmonica's on Fridays, you will love his set.

16:30 Celtic Crunch
17:30 That Blue Patch

That Blue Patch are a local duo playing songs from the 20th and 21st centuries in their own style. There will be a guitar and a voice, there may be a saxophone, there may be a melodica, ukulele or kazoo. Who knows?

Come and join us in celebrating 100 years of our local park.

18:20 Steve Violaris Band  
19:00 Centenary event ends. Park closes.