The St Nicholas Fair - Saturday 8th December 2012
Why a St Nicholas Fair in Winchmore Hill ?

The idea of a winter fair was prompted by the overwhelming response from the local community following the N21 Festival in June.

'Are you going to do something at Christmas ‘? 

was answered by a response from the N21 team and a meeting called in early September to discuss the possibility of planning another event.

This meeting was fortuitously attended by two local clergy who suggested the idea of an event to celebrate the feast of St Nicholas at the beginning of December.
St Nicholas it was revealed was the origin of Santa Clause.

The Saint riding through a village had secretly given gold coins to a man that he had found in a very sad state by the side of the road.

The man was distraught because he was having to send his two youngest daughters out to find undesirable employment, in order to pay for his eldest daughter's dowry.

St Nicholas had returned that night and dropped a bag of gold coins in through the window of the man's house. This was the origin of children being given gifts by Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.
During the meeting it was revealed that both the Fathers were not only very keen on the idea of a St Nicholas celebration but that they were both experienced horsemen.

The results will be seen on December the 8th when St Nicholas on his horse will lead a band of carol singers onto the Green.

Scattering gold coins of course!


Father Marcus Walker from St Pauls Church and Father Richard Bolton from Holy Trinity Church, WInchmore Hill.