N21 Festival
Winchmore Hill : Memories of a lost village

The N21 Festival is being organised to celebrate the centenary of the Winchmore Hill book written by Henrietta Cresswell  entitled Winchmore Hill: Memories of a Lost Village and published in 1912. The book is a charming account of a young girl growing up in the rapidly changing Winchmore Hill in the late 1800's.

It tells the story of her family, the idosyncracies of her father, the village doctor, and the general life and people of the Winchmore Hill village in a bygone era.


The reprinted centenary-edition book is available to buy from Hunters Newsagents on The Green and from Steve, in The Winchmore Hill Station CafĂ©.

It is regarded as somewhat of a unique book as there are very few personal accounts of the transformation from the countryside of the late 1800's to what are now the suburbs of london.

Written in 1912 and then republished as a second edition in the same year, it was a popular book of the time and was reprinted by The Southgate District Civic Trust in 1982.

It covers Winchmore Hill Village from the 1860's, the coming of the railway and sale of the land in the area that created the Winchmore Hill that we know today.