N21 Festival Photographic Exhibition
In association with The Southgate Photographic Society

Welcome to Winchmore Hills first pop-up art installation here at the Queens Head, the venue for the N21 Festival photo competition exhibition.

My name is Steve Harrison and I have the privilege of being the president of the Southgate Photographic Society, we  have been hosting the competition on our website, have printed, mounted and displayed the prints you are here to see today and were responsible for selecting the winning images.

We have been really impressed with the number and quality of the images submitted which made selecting the 38 to print and display from the 166 entries difficult and agreeing the 5 winners even harder.

Southgate Photographic Society are your local camera club and we meet most Tuesday evenings in Howley Hall behind St Pauls Church on Church Hill just a few minutes’ walk from here. If the competition and this exhibition has wetted your appetite for getting out more with your camera, sharing and showing your images and being part of a group who won’t keep tutting and asking you how much longer its going to take you to take a picture you are assured a warm welcome.

Some people have fed back to us that, having looked on our website, they have thought twice about coming to the club as they were worried that their own pics wouldn’t good enough This is very flattering but, please note;

1. Everyone who joins thinks the same but once there find an environment where they can ask questions, develop skills,

2. Our website shows members best or winning images only and

3. If you want to join a camera club to develop and  improve your photography go for one that produces good pictures

In addition to hosting the exhibition, Sue from the Queens Head has also kindly allowed the club to take over the wall space inside the bar with a selection of our work for you to view, critique and maybe even buy.
That’s enough about us, back to the main business of announcing the winners and opening the exhibition itself.

To help in that task can I introduce Alf from Gordon Thomas Opticians in Enfield Town who have provided the all important financial sponsorship for the competition, exhibition and Secondary School competition prize

The Competition has three categories primary school, secondary school and adults.

Primary School Competition
I'll start with the primary school competition which had 45 entries from 13 photographers. The prize for the winning photographer is a very generous £100 voucher from Treaceys Toy Store on Green Lanes at the bottom of Compton Road. Can I ask Treacey from Treaceys to come forward and announce the winner?

Jacks winning image is entitled “footy” and shows a scene shot from a low angle across the grass in Groveland Park  with children playing, the trees and lake in the background and a perfectly positioned bright red football in the foreground so well done to Jack
Thank you to Treacy  who has to rush back to the shop to run a treasure hunt

The Secondary School competition
The £100 gift voucher prize for the Secondary School competition winner has been kindly donated by Gordon Thomas Opticians, can I ask  Sue  to announce the winner
Sue announces the winner
Bunting by Nathanael

Nathanael’s winning picture is of union jack bunting along a set of railings, both topical and colorful. Nathaniel has taken the shot from a narrow angle so that the railings and bunting recede into the distance, drawing the viewers’ eye into the picture. The depth of field is also well managed with the first flag slightly soft, the next ones sharp and then focus softening away into the distance, a very smart piece of photography.
SPS does welcome junior members however insurance etc means they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult at our meetings, of course in the absence of a responsible adult one of the young person’s parents will suffice

Adult’s competition
We originally offered a year’s membership of the SPS as a prize for the winning photographer but the quality of entries and our difficulty choosing a single winner means we have now decided to offer three joint first prizes of a year’s membership each.
As new members the 3 photographers winning prints are guaranteed to be displayed at the Society’s annual exhibition in August, all of the other images in the exhibition would also merit inclusion in our exhibition so if you fancy seeing your image displayed
3 winners in no particular order

The thaw by Chris Jordan
A very atmospheric shot of Groveland’s lake covered in ice lit by a low sun coming through the trees, a difficult exposure to get right with bright sun into the camera and deep shadows but expertly handled by Chris

A day without shoes by Monica Sykut

This is a cleverly composed yet simple shot with a pair of sandals in the foreground and makes use of a very narrow depth of field blurring the background of the trees and lake. The lake itself is at a jaunty angle, bit risque but sufficiently bold to add to the overall charm of the picture

Walk in the park by Bruce Waite

A picture with bright sunlight coming through colorful autumnal trees illuminating a couple out for a walk. The backlit couple are ideally positioned walking into the image and visibly glow as a result of the backlighting from the sun, a very creative technique that is difficult to get right but handled with great skill by Bruce

Congratulations to the 5 winners and all 36 photographers whose work is on display here for the whole of the Festival week.
Well the waiting is now over and we should let you do what you all came here for which is look at the images we selected for the exhibition.
Thanks again to all the sponsors, Gordon Thomas opticians, Treaceys toyshop and to colleagues in SPS who helped in the preparation. Thanks to Sue from the Queens Head for the use of her freshly painted exhibition space and for providing the nibbles for today’s opening
If you are faced with a wait to get in (whilst the press do their thing getting some pictures of the winners with their winning print) don’t forget this is a pub and, excellent as the images are, I don’t think there has ever been a picture produced that doesn’t look a tiny bit better if viewed whilst holding a full glass in one hand.