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Overtaking stationary buses at the bus stops in Winchmore Hill Broadway would no longer be possible if Enfield Council's plan to install cycle lanes on both sides of Green Lanes goes ahead

The Cycle Enfield Scheme - The Winchmore Hill Residents' Association view

The public consultation period for Enfield Council’s proposed cycle lanes scheme for Green Lanes fished on 9th October.

The Association submitted its response to the proposed scheme in the form of a 1500 word document which had been approved by the committee. Click here to see the full version of this document.

In this document it was agreed that there would undoubtedly be benefits to people’s health and a decrease in atmospheric pollution if more journeys were to be made by bicycle rather than by car. The document then went on to say that the means by which such changes could to be encouraged must be proportionate and sensible. They must also not impose significant disbenefits on large numbers of other road users and people who live, work and shop on the roads affected.

The Council’s successful bid for £30m from the Mayor of London for Mini Holland schemes, included the provision of cycle routes, called Greenways, using parks, open spaces and minor roads. These proposals have generally met with no opposition. What have attracted a substantial amount of opposition are the Council’s proposals for the A105 route between Palmers Green and Enfield Town which includes the section of Green Lanes in Winchmore Hill.

The document then listed in some detail the adverse effects that implementation of the Council’s current proposals would be likely to have on residents, businesses and all road users including bus passengers and people who parked their cars on the road for both short and long periods.

It noted the Council’s claims that the introduction of its proposed measures would allow environmental improvements – such as tree planting and public seats – to be made on Green Lanes. However it concluded that any benefits resulting from such improvements would be heavily outweighed by disbenefits. These would include significant harm to the local economy and the considerable problems for residents and all road users - except cyclists.

The Association’s view was that this scheme should therefore not be constructed and that the Council should  seriously consider alternative measures to encourage cycling in this area.

Two such alternatives are a New River Cycleway to the east of Green Lanes or an earlier implementation of the already planned Greenway cycle route to west of Green Lanes. The latter scheme would include the use of Woodland Way plus short sections of Downes Court, Hoppers Road, Compton Road and then Roseneath Avenue and Ringwood Way and would not result in the loss of any parking spaces on these roads.