Winchmore Hill Residents' Association Newsletters

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - November 2013


As most readers will know the Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association writes monthly for the N21 Directory.  These articles usually refer to local issues but recently, and more frequently, reference has been made to Central Government “knee jerk” legislation which is totally in contradiction to their idea of “Localism”, where, in principle, legislation is related to local issues and determined by local residents.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - September 2013


The Association has written and spoken on a number of times recently concerning Planning Issues.  The new National Planning Policy Framework and the Localism Act, both of which have been taken apart by a very expert, powerful and diverse opposition lobby.  The contradictory nature of Permitted Development Certificates, the Larger Homes Notification Scheme which will leave a legacy of eyesores and do nothing to help the building industry and within the last few days the relaxation of rules about converting offices into homes. 

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - August 2013


Since early 2002 discussions and consultations have been undertaken by the Council concerning a Controlled Parking Zone surrounding Winchmore Hill Station.  These provoked a wide range of responses causing a great deal of confusion within the Council and at one time the whole project was put on hold by the then Council Leader, Councillor Rye.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - July 2013


In the March issue of the Directory we spoke about the 20mph zone the Council was proposing around St. Paul’s School and Keble School.  While being strongly in favour of speed restrictions we were critical about the size of the zone and its eccentricity to the schools with a northern boundary at Houndsden Road but not even including Station Road to the south.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - June 2013


We are writing this immediately after the conclusion of the Grovelands Park Centenary celebrations.  We would like to congratulate the Friends of Grovelands Park for an excellent event which had a great variety of stalls, exhibits and live performances.  The exhibition showing the history of the park was especially good and professional.  The weather was also very good and probably encouraged the huge numbers of people who attended.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - May 2013


As many of you will know the newly opened restaurant on The Green, Winchmore Hill, “Greek on the Green” made a planning application to extend their use class to A3/A5 from purely A3.  This new classification would enable them to sell hot food for consumption off the premises as well as “eat-in”.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - February 2012


Now that the roll-out of the use of “wheelie bins” is almost complete in the Winchmore Hill Residents Association area we felt it was time to take stock and ascertain residents opinions.  The Association is well aware that the reasoning behind the use of wheelie bins is one of reducing costs and of recycling materials.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - December 2011


The Enfield Council have thankfully renewed the Lease with Woodcroft Wildspace for the continued use as a wildlife sanctuary of land behind Broad Walk and Woodland Way accessed off Woodcroft. 

However, there has been a compromise as an area has been excluded from this lease which we understand will be used for housing development.  We are not sure how this will be accessed. 

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - November 2011


The London Borough of Enfield’s Public Transport Consultative Group, upon which sits a Committee Member of the Residents’ Association, has been campaigning for many years on an extension of the 318 bus route from North Middlesex Hospital through Winchmore Hill to Highlands Village.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - October 2011


As many of you will know a car park was formed many years ago in the very wide verge beside the Clowes Playing Field, principally for the use of the very active Football and Cricket Clubs, whose members fill this car park at weekends and who would otherwise park in the surrounding roads.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - August 2011


We are pleased to note that all shop premises on The Green are now occupied and trading, the last being “The Larder” and in Wades Hill the final fitting out of a showroom and office for a kitchen furniture and equipment specialist.  We wish all the small traders on The Green success.

Winchmore Hill Residents Association Newsletter - May 2011


Further to our article on Network Rail in the March edition, in which we commented on the lack of any real progress in the Minister of Transport’s response to David Burrowes questions on Network Rail’s behaviour, we are now able to take this a stage further.