The Winchmore String Orchestra
About Us

One of WSO's greatest assets is its friendly and welcoming membership.

With an age range spanning 60 years and players coming from a varied array of professional backgrounds, everyone has the chance to find their place among our number!

From the person causing mischief at the back of the second violins to the cellist who insists on always sitting at the lowliest place in the section and not forgetting the outraged violas who harrumph their light-hearted indignation when the odd viola joke is inevitably wheeled out on occasion...there are plenty of vibrant personalities united by their love of making music together.


Our regular weekly rehearsals – including a break when everyone makes a run for the tea and biscuits! – allow the orchestra to become a real unit, striving to work together to produce great music.

Why not see for yourself what we do by dropping by at our next concert?

For more information, see the Forthcoming Events section.

If you're not an active musician but would still like to support us, send an email to requesting to be added to our mailing list and you will receive our termly newsletter with details of upcoming concerts and other news.